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Natural scrub of sugar and Cocoa cleans and moisturizes your skin, leaving it rejuvenated and silky. Made from a combination of essential oils extracted from Cocoa, in addition to its high content of vitamin E. The exfoliation must be followed by a high quality lotion or cream application that leaves the skin hydrated.

Exfoliante natural de azucar y Cacao limpia e hidrata su piel, dejandola rejuvenecida y sedosa. Hecho de una combinacion de aceites esenciales extraidos del Cacao, ademas de su alto conenido de vitamina E. La Exfoliacion debe ser seguido de una aplicacion de locion o crema de alta calidad que deja la piel hidratada.

Натуральный скраб на основе тростникового сахара и масло какао с витамином Е хорошо очищает кожу и увлажняет. Ваша кожа будет шелковистой!!!

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